Introduction: Allowing More Joy

Brings me a feeling of joy

I am on a mission to cultivate more joy into my life and to uncover my passion and purpose.  The experience of joy is something that has been elusive to me.  I get easily distracted and caught up in the endless To Do list, immobilized by memories of the past, and living for some future condition or event.  I believe the adage that you cannot have joy without gratitude and appreciation.  To experience gratitude and appreciation requires being fully in the present moment, which is not always my strong point.  The reason for allowing joy is to sense feeling good more often and not succumbing to life’s inevitable discomforts that can lead to the downward spiral of discontent, frustration, and despair.

This blog space provides a platform for the challenge of 1) learning how to bring forth joy in my own everyday experiences; 2) sharing messages that uplift and encourage others; and 3) simply, exercising my writing muscles that have become sedentary, due in no small part to sheer laziness.

Throughout the next year (a feat in itself), I hope to have accomplished interesting and engaging entries that prompt conversation and positive action for like-minded readers also realizing the need to allow joy — more laughter, more play, more balance — into their own space.  We all have the capacity to enjoy our existence and often that requires a determined effort.

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” ~ Marianne Williamson